Aqua Classes

Who says you need to be on the fitness floor to get a good workout?


Water Aerobics

You Will Increase Stamina, Improve Strength And Increase Muscle Tone, Burn Calories Without Taxing Your Joints. This Class Is Designed For All Age And Fitness Levels So Jump In The Pool And Get Energized!


Deep Water Aqua

Jog Belts Are Available To Help Keep You Afloat In The Deep End We Will Do Aerobic Exercises For At Least 30 Minutes As Well As Toning And Strengthening Exercises With Buoyancy Bells And Noodles Too.


Shallow Water Aqua

Low End Water Aerobic Exercise Class With 30 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise To Tone And Strengthen. We Will Work With Buoyancy Bells To Tone And Strengthen The Upper Body.