Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Management Program


Are you ready for change? Let us help you reach your goals with our Healthy Lifestyle Weight Management weight loss program.
This program is a 12 week journey beginning with understanding where you are in your readiness for change. You will be given the tools, knowledge, and support needed for real life long-term sustainable weight loss. Participants will become accountable and build strong supportive relationships within the class.
    •    Weekly weigh-ins with your Health Coach
    •    Blood pressure monitoring
    •    Pre/Post program assessments (including photo)
    •    Weekly goal setting
    •    Food journal
    •    Nutrition based whole food approach using My Plate. Real meals for real          people
    •    Exercise
    •    Maintenance: Success means learning to work with your plan for the long   term.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling services can be set up for the individual client or for group sessions to help meet your nutrition and health goals. Your health is your most valuable asset; we will work together to understand what makes certain foods healthy or unhealthy. We will help you develop a working knowledge of the 5 basic food groups. You will learn how to build your plate using portion control and selecting nutrient dense instead calorie dense foods.  
Weight loss is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical challenge. Together we will learn the necessary skills for success.
    •     Reading and comparing food labels
    •     Understanding the food groups using My Plate
    •     Navigating a restaurant menu
    •     Keeping a food journal and trying small changes that will add up to weight loss

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a valuable tool to offer to those of you looking to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Together we can identify the issue that you most need to resolve. Your coach will assist you with goal setting and an achievable action plan to give your lifestyle change a real likelihood for success. We will work out real life issues with real life plans, reducing your uncertainty about how to make the change
Health coaching is a one on one initial visit of 60 minutes, we will then continue with 30 minute sessions for as long as you need to work towards achieving your goals.
Fitness Assessments
When you start a fitness or weight loss program it is always beneficial to have a fitness assessment. This is a good way to have baseline measurements to compare your progress as you move towards your goal.
A basic fitness assessment will include height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, body composition or body fat% as well as circumference measurements of your body. Another valuable tool will be taking a before photo to compare with your after photo, we all know a photo is worth a thousand words.