Personal Training

One of the best ways to ensure you are working out safely and maximizing your efforts is working with a Certified Personal Trainer.


Our Affordable Training Options Below:

New Member Orientation- Free

Every new member of the Recreation Center receives two free training sessions to get started correctly.  This also includes a fitness assessment to determine your physical starting baseline.

New Member Intro to Personal Training- $99

Includes 5 thirty minute training sessions, a great way to get started when you first join.  Also available to clients new to Personal Training.

One on One Personal Training

Receive one on one attention and instruction from a certified personal trainer, with several packaged options available:

  • One session- $50.00
  • 3 Sessions- $144.00
  • 5 sessions- $230.00
  • 10 sessions- $440

Small Group Training

A great way to get the benefits of Personal Training at a cost savings while working out with a partner or two.  All group sessions are for 2-3 people, price depends on the number in the group and number of sessions.

  • 2 people one session-$60 ($30pp)
  • 3 people one session-$85 ($28.33pp)
  • 2 people three sessions- $175 ($87.50pp)
  • 3 people Three sessions- $255 ($85pp)
  • 2 people five sessions- $280 ($140pp)
  • 3 people five sessions- $405 ($135pp)
  • 2 people ten sessions- $540 ($270pp)
  • 3 people ten sessions- $800 ($266.66pp)